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Horses and humans alike enjoy the Winter beauty of the pastures and woodland trails at SilverBrook, which are picture-postcard perfect.

In their appropriate turn-out blankets, ample supplies of hay and fresh water in heated troughs in paddocks contribute to your horse's winter warmth and comfort, as they continue their daily turnout activity.

Hand-walking, longeing and longlining are encouraged to keep horses well-conditioned throughout the winter season.

In the late afternoon, horses return to the barns and are then groomed thoroughly and dressed in their stable blankets. Heated water buckets (to encourage maximum water consumption) and warm-water bran mashes are prepared for their seasonal nutrition and pleasure!

Grounds and walkways are kept ice-free and clear to prevent accidents and trails and acres of open pastures provide a bucolic setting for riders who enjoy outdoor rides during the winter months.


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