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The Barns...

Antique red barns and 200 year old Pines and Hemlocks welcome you and your horses to the stables of SilverBrook., Within its gated and secure entrance, a courtyard with ample parking is surrounded by a charming authentic carriage house and an antique barn, both meticulously renovated to include seasonal and “creature”  comforts for your horses.

With a total of 11 airy  European style stalls ranging from 10 x 10 to 14 x 17, your horse lives in a comfortable, spacious, matted stall. Excellent ventilation and lighting provide a safe and healthy environment for your horse’s well–being.

SilverBrook Farm prides itself on its attention to detail and security. In addition to the 24 hour on-premise staff, the entire complex is protected by Hammond Security and Fire Alarm systems.  Your safety and that of your equine friend is our main concern.



SilverBrook is a tranquil, private 54 acre equine estate, offering the finest in equine comforts: magnificent lush rolling pastures, six abundant paddocks, heated water troughs, run-in sheds and secure property boundaries.

The turnout schedule and active time for your horse is based on your steeds’ personal needs.  We work with you to implement a schedule to maximize turnout time and regular forage (supplemented in winter with top quality hay).  We promote “herd” security and use the” buddy system” when two horses become friends.  If your horse prefers individual time out, that will be arranged.

We blanket your horse according to the weather and check any necessary changes throughout the day.  In extreme inclement weather we will not turn out, to ensure comfort and safety.

The paddocks are picked  and troughs are checked on a daily basis and cleaned regularly. In order to insure secure footing, excellent forage and minimize mud, we re-seed and till all paddocks annually.

Riding & Exercise...

At SilverBrook we realize that all the turnout in the world does not necessarily equate to your horse getting enough exercise.

We therefor promote all of your pleasure riding needs; ride across the 54 acres or on trails through woods and along the trout stream, or feel comfortable schooling in our large sand outdoor ring. And when you are not available or your busy schedule does not permit, we are pleased to offer hands-on additional groundwork such as longeing, exercise riding and hand-walking.

Equine Concierge & Additional Ammenities...

At SilverBrook Farm we believe in providing maximum service and care. The following equine concierge package is therefore included in your monthly fee:

•       Daily grooming, hoof picking and “bodycheck” for injuries and ticks
•       Thorough daily cleaning of stalls, feed and water buckets
•       Laundry and facilities
•       Appropriate indoor/outdoor blanketing and booting
•       Fly mask  and spray management
•       Seasonal insect control
•       Equine “kitchen” and provision area
•       Daily carrot and apple treats at mealtimes
•       Weekly show grooming and clipping
•       Daily administration of supplied supplements and/or meds
•       Progressive state-of –the-art nutrition program or your choice
•       Farrier and veterinarians, associated or of your choice, on call at all times
•       Monthly worming
•       Halters cleaned as needed.
•       And we speak Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese
•       Endless pampering.

Additional ammenities that are also available include:

•       Blanket cleaning service
•       Sheath cleaning
•       Tack cleaning and conditioning
•       Hand-walking
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